Pastry Chef Employee duties and responsibilities

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Just like any job, there are advantages and disadvantages to being a pastry chef. A typical day in a pastry chef’s life usually starts out before daylight, most times at 4 am. before any other staff arrive to get the kitchen in order and start turning ingredients into delicious pastries and desserts. Common responsibilities of the pastry chef are usually the same from day to day, you will be working with other staff members, you will oversee the staff, order supplies, and devise new desserts and other pastries. Becoming an executive pastry chef takes a lot of hard work and takes at least four to six years to gain the training and knowledge to become one, you will also have to be physically and mentally ready. To earn a high paying pastry chef salary most chef’s will look to getting jobs in a bakery, but a job at a hotel, casino, restaurant, or bistro offer much higher salaries. Formal training, combined with a high culinary ability and the innate desire to cook are the requirements for a successful high paying pastry chef career. Many pastry chef’s also perform administrative duties such as preparing kitchen budgets, ordering kitchen utensils, and ordering ingredients for all foods and desserts.

Once a pastry chef has established himself for many years, they may be expected to supervise apprentices and teach course work. An executive pastry chef may also be required to possess a degree in the culinary arts and the creativity to successfully create new types of pastries. This career also requires great attention to detail and excellent customer service skills, these skills are mandatory to become a good pastry chef with an excellent pastry chef salary and benefits. The average salary of the beginner chef is seventeen-thousand dollars up to thirty-thousand dollars, the average salary for a median chef is between thirty-thousand dollars and fifty-thousand dollars. The top salary of the executive chef starts at sixty-thousand dollars up to ninety-thousand dollars, this all depends on skills and experience of the chef. These salaries can also fluctuate from restaurants in small towns as well as restaurants in large cities but really it doesn’t mean the higher paying salary is better due to the fact that one employer could have better benefits than the other, and today that is a big issue. (pastry chef, executive pastry chef, pastry chef salary)


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